The 4th Congress in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Analysis in Agriculture and Environment which is under the auspices of the Agricultural University of Athens, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the Region of Attica, organized by the Geographic Information Systems Research Unit and the Hellas Geographic Information Systems (Hellas GIS).

The congress will be held on May 24th – 26th, 2022 at the Congress Hall of the Agricultural University of Athens.

Concerning Covid 19, Congress activities will follow the required sanity protocol as this is declared by the State Regulation.

Geographic Information Systems Research Unit of AUA

Since 1989, the Geographic Information Systems Research Unit of Agricultural University of Athens records plethora educational and research activities in theory and practice, such as:

  • Spatiotemporal Digital Agriculture Management
  • Natural Resources management and evaluation
  • Environmental Studies regarding urban areas
  • Subjects of rural development and spatial consistency

Three undergraduate and six postgraduate modules are offered in Agricultural University by Professors and Faculty Members who attain the GIS Research Unit.

During the recent years GIS Research Unit launches a strong presence in Scientific Events’ Organizing domain, such as Congresses, Seminars, Workshops etc.

For more information regarding the GIS Research Unit activities, you may visit the link.

Hellas GIs

Hellas GIS is a non-profit organisation. Its members are scientists and institutions that use the technology of Geographic Information Systems to analyse issues related to geographical characteristics. The GIS applications are many and include subjects related to designing – environmental, urban, rural, developmental, transportation, etc –, the spatial analysis (for natural and socioeconomic phenomena), the decision – making (either individually or in teams), the rendering of services towards citizens, and more.

Hellas GIS is the one and only organization in Greece which deals with every aspect of GIS application, and therefor addresses to a vast spectrum of Institutions and individuals.

For more information, please follow the link.