The exhibition connecting science and entrepreneurship in the digital primary sector with the help of geospatial technologies, takes place at the garden of the Museum of Agriculture, which is hosted within the campus of Agricultural University of Athens., during the days of the Congress. The Platinum Sponsors of the Congress are participating in the exhibition.

Why to participate in GIS CONGRESS EXPO;

  • To increase the visibility of your business through an interdisciplinary event that brings together more than 300 leading international researchers, academics, entrepreneurs and institutions, who are active in the field of Geoinformatic from Greece and abroad.
  • To associate your corporate identity with innovative methods and practices in this field.
  • To increase the brand awareness of your company’s name.
  • To network and strengthen professional ties with key clients & top market executives. To build, also synergies by leveraging the network of speakers and participants of the conference.
  • To participate in the open community dialogue and influence the future of the industry.

View the exhibition space

Exhibition area images