Geographical Information Systems are digital systems of spatial differentiation, that nowadays, in combination with the rapid development of new technologies for the collection of data (UAV-drones, digital cameras, sensors, etc.) and their transmission through IOT technologies (Internet of Things), as well as their emergence via internet, provide significant impetus into solving and confronting contemporary issues faced by the Agriculture in Greece, as well as by the Environmental sustainability.

The GIS Research Unit of Agricultural University of Athens by accomplishing congresses, specialized workshops – meetings and seminars, by participating in research projects and by implementing a vertebrate schedule aiming to scientific elaborations in the context of MSc Program “Geoinformatics and Spatial Analysis” of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Engineering Department, contributes in confronting the demands of modern Agriculture and Fishery, the environmental issues, as well as in highlighting the role of GIS application to the process of their fulfillment. The collaboration with Hellas GIs is regarded crucial for the accomplishment of all mentioned above.

The purposes of Congress will be achieved through the specific conferences of scientific announcements, publications, workshops, and through presenting real Case Studies of Agricultural Operations in which all the sectors of a contemporary digital integrated and spatially defined Agriculture are combined, an assembly which represents the core element of Agriculture 4.0.

During Congress’ conclusion and in an agreeable environment, our Sponsors’ Exhibition – the strong communicative part of the Congress- will take place, where Executives of the best and most significant Business Entities of the Sector will present their products and services and will remain at congress participants’ disposal.

Prof. Dionissios P. Kalivas
Agricultural University of Athens