Dionissios Hristopulos

Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete (TUC)

Dionissios Hristopulos is a Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Greece and director of the Master’s program in Machine Learning and Data Science since 2022.  He holds a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (National Technical University of Athens) and a PhD in Physics from Princeton University. He has held appointments in the Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (FPInnovations).  Dionissios returned to Greece in 2022 as associate professor in Geostatistics in the School of Mineral Resources Engineering at TUC.  He is a Senior member of the IEEE, member of the American Physical Society, and life member of the International Association of Mathematical Geosciences (IAMG). In 2003 he received jointly with Tetsu Uesaka the Johannes A. Van den Akker International Prize for Advances in Paper Physics. Recently, Dionissios was awarded the 2024 Georges Matheron lectureship by the IAMG. He serves on the editorial boards of Computers & Geosciences and Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. Dionissios is the author of the book titled «Random Fields for Spatial Data Modeling: A Primer for Scientists and Engineers» (published by Springer in 2020).  His current research interests include spatiotemporal statistics, statistical physics, machine learning and applications in problems related to the environment, energy, natural resources and neuroscience.

Dr. Kyriakidis’s research interests include geostatistics, geocomputation, and geoinformatics, as well as their applications to geographic information science and systems, remote sensing, earth, atmospheric and environmental sciences, as well as public health and archaeology. He has co-authored more than 65 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has made numerous contributions in conference proceedings and edited volumes. He has co-authored (with Andre Journel) the book entitled “Evaluation of Mineral Reserves: A Simulation Approach”, published in 2004 by Oxford University Press. He has received a best full paper award (with Rui Zhu and Krzysztof Janowicz from UCSB) for his 2017 AGILE conference paper on quantifying spatial patterns in geographic fields, a best paper award in the journal Mathematical Geosciences for his 2013 publication (with Petros Gaganis from the University of the Aegean) on efficient simulation of (log)normal random fields for hydrogeological applications. He has also been an invited keynote speaker in several international workshops and conferences, the most recent one being the “Scale and Spatial Analytics Workshop” organized in February 2020 by the Spatial Analysis Research Center of the Arizona State University in the USA. His research has been funded by the US National Science Foundation, NASA, NOAA, the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology, as well as (more recently) by the European Commission and the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus. He is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) on two research projects coordinated by CUT, and the CUT-PI on two other projects, all funded by the Research and Innovation Foundation of Cyprus.

Dr. Kyriakidis has served on the Scientific Committees of numerous international conferences and has reviewed manuscripts and proposals for a wide spectrum of scientific journals and international funding agencies, respectively. He is currently a member of the Editorial Boards of Cartographica (since 2018), and of Spatial Statistics (since 2012). He has served as an Associate Editor for Geographical Analysis (2014-2107), a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Geographical Information Science (2007-2017), as well as a Board Member of the Hellenic Geographic Information Systems Society (2015-2016). He is a member elect (since 2018) of the Council of the Association of Geographic Information Laboratories in Europe (AGILE), and was the Chair of the Scientific Committee of AGILE 2019, the 22nd AGILE Conference on Geoinformation Science organized at CUT’s premises in Limassol in June 2019.

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Dimitris Kavroudakis

Dimitris Kavroudakis is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean

Dimitris Kavroudakis is an Associate Professor at the Department of Geography, University of the Aegean with extensive studies in Geography, Informatics and Business in Greek (American College of Athens, University of the Aegean) and UK Universities (University of Leeds, University of Sheffield, UCL London). He holds the prestigious Whiterose Fellowship (2005-2008) in the UK for his research on population modeling with Big-Data. His academic interests include the Geographical Analysis of phenomena with applications in the areas of: Smart Cities, business and decision-making through data analytics. He is the author of numerous books, chapters, peer-review articles in scientific journals and presentations at conferences and invited speeches (www.dimitrisk.gr). His research collaborations include the Hellenic Army Academy and the Ritsumeikan University of Kyoto, Japan. He carries out applied research in projects funded by national and international funds. He is secretary of the Regional Research-Innovation Council (PSEK) of the North Aegean Region (2022-2026). He is an advocate of new technologies, Artificial Intelligence, open software and open hardware which he develops and integrates in his research.


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Dr. Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos

Professor at the Department of Geology at the University of Patras.

Dr. Konstantinos Nikolakopoulos is a Professor at the Department of Geology at the University of Patras. He holds a BSc degree in geology and a PhD in Remote Sensing. His postdoctoral research was focused on hyperspectral data processing. He worked in the private sector from 1998 to 2005, while he also worked at the Greek Geological Survey (IGME) from 2005 to 2011. His areas of expertise are remote sensing and geographic information systems for geological applications. Since 2012, he has been elected Chairman of the Special Interest Group Geological Applications of the European Association of Remote Sensing laboratories: (http://www.earsel.org/SIG/Geology/index.php). He also serves as Associate Editor in European Journal of Remote Sensing. Over the past four years, he has been listed among the most cited researchers in their field of expertise (https://dx.doi.org/10.17632/btchxktzyw). Dr. Nikolakopoulos has participated in R&D projects funded by organizations such as the European Union, the Greek Government. He has considerable experience in the area of Earth Observation, GIS and GPS measurements. His main scientific interests include: geological mapping, engineering geology, risk analysis, 3D mapping and coastal area mapping. He has more than 200 (185 in Scopus) publications in peer-review journals and conference proceeding and more than 1850 references (h index: 21).  

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