Agriculture – Livestock – Fishery

Spatial Digital Management of Farm & Agricultural Holding

  • Precision Agriculture, Smart Farming, Data Collection via Spatial Digital Technologies.
  • Digital Management – Agricultural Production and of Agricultural Ecosystems Monitoring, Machinery of variable doses, inflows, agricultural products traceability.

Plant and Animal Production Protection (Enemies – Diseases – Illnesses).

  • Crops’ sanity issues and nutritional conditions identification.
  • Spatiotemporal predictions of undesirable situations and their treatment.
  • Weeds – Invasive Species.


  • Sustainable Fishery through the contemporary geospatial technologies’ application.

Natural Resources – Environment

Soil, Water, Climate – Land Evaluation

  • Land Suitability Classification – Soil Resources Protection.
  • Water Resources Management, Land Assessment, Land Use Planning.

Forests – Ecosystems – Urban & Suburban Landscaping

  • Ecosystem Management, Forest Management Evaluation.

Natural Hazards- Natural Disasters

  • Fires, Landslides.
  • Geographic Systems for the Natural Disasters’ Management.

Geospatial Technologies – Spatial Analysis

Geoinformatics & Geospatial Technologies

  • GIS, Web-GIS.
  • Remote Sensing, Satellite Data, DGPS, Data Transfer via Wireless Networks (IoT).
  • Use of Cloud Service’s for the Management of Spatial Data of Large Volume, Applications Development.

Spatial Data Analysis – Spatial Statistics – Geostatistics

  • Spatial exploratory data analysis, Spatial Statistical Models, Spatial Interpolation.
  • Neural Networks and AI and Spatial Information.